Elevator Technical Consulting, Inc.         HQ: Minneapolis, MN                     Contact: 651-335-6624          WBE, SBE, DBE, & TGB  Certified


Elevator TCI will help develop and oversee maintenance contract agreements tailored for our individual client’s needs.  You can depend on Elevator TCI’s history of managing service contracts to address any specific operational issues, and to identify and establish appropriate contract terms in order to obtain desired levels of equipment reliability and performance.

Our Services Include

  • Provide Maintenance Evaluations at Specified Intervals
  • Perform Audits of equipment to Verify contracted service compliance
  • Review all billing  and Validate any extra invoiced amounts
  • Represent our Clients at contractor and service provider meetings
  • Provide Recommendations for Improvement
  • Code Impact Evaluations
  • Follow up on designated work